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Mobile Marketing with Social Media

Singapore, 17 June, 2010

Reaching & Engaging Consumers through “Appvertisements”

With the onslaught of increasingly sophisticated smart phones, the mobile has moved to the marketing mainstream agenda from being a fringe marketing activity. Despite this, the mobile channel is viewed to be in isolation and has yet to be fully integrated due to its personal nature.

“A campaign is considered to be “integrated” if the creative is consistent, which doesn’t necessarily translate into an experience which the potential customer would feel is integrated. Although this is an issue across the digital space, it’s an even bigger issue for mobile because of the personal nature of the medium.” explained Sara Earnshaw, Digital Strategist & Project Director, Start Creative.

With the spotlight on mobile marketing as the “holy grail” to direct marketing, coupled with rising competition and the need to strengthen brand position and retain customers, a 2-day conference will be held on 2-3 August in Singapore and 5-6 August in Hong Kong to give marketers a glimpse of the current challenges and opportunities in the mobile arena as well as addressing current issues of developing a holistic mobile and social media marketing strategy.

“Everyone is broadly aware of the advances in technology. However, the trick is taking this technology and using it in practical applications, applications which genuinely enhance user experience, capability and convenience” said Jeremy Payne, Marketing Director of DesignerCity HK. "How can I make this work for me - and generate real money?" is a question that concerns every forward-thinking marketer”.

With the rise in social media accesses through mobile phones, brands are looking to leverage on the power of mobile with social media marketing to gain a competitive advantage while advertising agencies attempt to make the most of these media through the creation of engaging mobile apps or “Appvertisements”.

Anand Kalidasan, Vice President, Carat echoes this, “Mobile marketing with social media is likely to spark a wave of marketing experimentation that is much needed for both marketers and ad agencies”

Key topics include consumer engagement via mobile, mobile branding, mobile commerce and cutting edge trends and technology; Location-Based- Advertising and Augmented Reality. These will be illustrated through the case studies of Starbucks, Microsoft, Lufthansa, Adidas, Virgin, Air Asia, Swire, Hong Kong International Airport and more. The conference will also be covering measurement analytics and tools that will quantify performance to address the problem of lack of gauge in mobile social media campaigns

Other speakers include VP and GM of Starbucks, Arun Bhardwaj; Marcus Casey, Head of Ecommerce and Mobile of Lufthansa; John Kerr, Regional Director of Edelman; Manish Ladha, Head of Mobile Services Microsoft and also Matt Belkin, Senior VP of Emerging Business and GM of Search Centre Omniture.

Endorsers of the event include the Mobile Marketing Association, Direct Marketing Association of Singapore, and the Hong Kong Direct Marketing Association.

Conference Details:

Title                  :  Mobile Marketing with Social Media

Date                 :  Singapore  : 2-3 August

                           Hong Kong : 5-6 August

Venue                :  The Sheraton Towers, Singapore

                            The Excelsior, Hong Kong

Organiser          :  Pacific Conferences

Contact Person :  Ms Chan Boon Wah

Tel : (65) 6372 2216

Email: boonwah@conferences.com.sg

Attachment: Full Programme

Full programme can also be found at: http://www.conferences.com.sg/S1368-MMA-64E-Q.pdf

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